• Primary Artist on the “Bloodhound” team at Maxplay, Inc
    • Created art for demos using our proprietary game engine
    • Collaborated on tool design with other Product Owners
  • Art Director at Merge Interactive on numerous projects
    • Star Wars Clone Trooper – plug-n-play TV game
    • Duck Commander – Duck Dynasty plug-n-play TV game
    • Zombie Hunter – The Walking Dead plug-n-play TV game
    • Field ‘n Stream Fishing game for Windows 8 and Mac
    • Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure – for Windows 8 and Mac
    • Bass Pro Shops: The Strike: Pro Angler – for iOS
  • Art Producer on unannounced next-gen title at Red Fly Studio
  • Lead Artist at Red Fly Studio on Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked! (Wii)
    • Collaborated on game design and team strategy
    • Developed look and feel
    • Ensured quality and consistency
    • Managed outsourcing
    • Character TD, effects, animation
    • Designed and managed outsourcing of AutoChop: MaxScript tool to streamline cutting up food art
    • #1 bug writer on project, and among top 10 bug-fixers (#1 art bug fixer)

    You can see the intro and tutorial to the game HERE

    Here is some more footage from the game:

Art team: Bill Daly, Patrick Doran, Chris Douglas, Tom Heimann, Doug Kavanagh, Grace Liu, Andrew Morris, Ron Power, Nick Reynolds, and Tre Zieman

  • Served as Primary Artist on Noddables – unreleased music game for the iPad
    • UI, Characters, Animation, Effects, Lighting

Here is some footage from Noddables:

  • Lead Character Production Artist at Spacetime Studios – Led team of character artists, animators and technical artist on Blackstar (PC MMO, cancelled). Here is a quick sample of what the whole team pulled off. Helped to build the art pipeline and designed or co-designed a number of the art tools including the animation tree editor. This was a node-based tool that allowed the user to plug logical game states directly into the animation state machine. Built the outsourcing pipeline and got us ready to outsource thousands of art assets. Ranjeet Singhal (our tech artist) wrote a couple of blogs on our character tools, Autoskel and Autorig, which I designed and he wrote so that we could quickly generate the many character assets we were going to be making.
  • Lead Artist at Sony Online Entertainment on a (controversial) Star Wars Galaxies expansion: Combat Upgrade. The new art consisted primarily of a lot of new combat effects as well as new weapons and armor.
  • Lead Artist on Wing Commander Prophecy: SecretOps.

If you’re curious to know more about how I have contributed to building pipelines, see Accomplishments.