Mudbox head WIP


Krampus WIP


Dragon Zbrush head WIP

Zbrush Dragon WIP

Fairy Demon – Low poly model and texture. Zbrush model by David Russ. Adapted from concepts by Rolf Mohr and myself.

Wight – character for a Diablo-style RPG (This guy had simplified details meant to read at a distance – think 1″ tall on screen). You can read about the creation process HERE.


Mudbox Head WIP

Zbrush Head WIP

Zbrush semi-cartoony stylized head

Moth Pax (Mushroom man in moth form)

Cartoony characters – Bunny Guy and Karate Guy

Cartoony characters – the Super Narcolepsy Brothers

Frost Giant Brute (from Thor: God of Thunder [Wii] ). You can read about the creation process HERE.

Fire Witch – 1500 polys

Robot Floaters (from Noddables – unrealeased music game [iPad])



Assassin bug-face droid

Probe droid

Seven leg droid